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Getting Feedback/Reviews

Posted on: February 2, 2009

I started searching the web for website reviews so I could get some feedback on what I need to do to enhance the look and feel of my website. I have a computer science degree and can do the technical aspect of creating a website but when it comes to usability and effective web design I lack presentation. But believe me do a search for diaper cakes, and you will see some websites that look like some one pressed the “easy” button and puff a website was born. I know I need a lot of design work on my website, but I am glad to say I think its within reach.

I am going to set up a feedback survey and try to gather some analysis to figure out my next move. Any other suggestions are welcome.

If anyone reading this would like to post some feedback on my website, please visit sweetbabycakesnmore.com


2 Responses to "Getting Feedback/Reviews"

I actually love the look of your website. Its totally easy to navigate, pleasing to the eye and the colors are nice.

Thank You, This is actually my redesigned site.

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