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Fave my diaper cake and baby shower gifts website!

Posted on: July 3, 2009

Members can begin sharing their favorites and invite other moms to join and do the same.

(excerpt from their site: http://www.momfaves.com/about/us)

We empower moms…

MomFaves members are given complete control to submit what they think other moms will appreciate knowing about. Moms create and share their own unique set of favorites… what they consider to be most exciting, useful, enjoyable, important, yummy, valuable, funny, and true.
We resource moms…

The MomFaves homepage and topic pages are designed to reveal the most popular and upcoming mom favorites for the day, week, month and year. A mom or group’s favorites can be easily viewed and searched by zip code and keyword.
We honor moms…

MomFaves rewards moms for contributing content that other moms find valuable. We track the number of times a mom’s submissions have been voted on or “faved” by other members and then reveal the moms of greatest influence on the home page for all to see.


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