Diaper Cakes by Sweet Baby Cakes n More


Sweet Baby Cakes N More was created by mother and daughter teaming up to provide quality baby shower, Mommy to Be, and Daddy to Be gifts that are affordable while using brand name products such as pampers, gerber, carters, etc. to our valued customers.

Our original diaper cakes are created with diapers, pacifiers, lotions, teething rings, wash cloths, etc. all necessities any mother would love to receive. Not only are they not the everyday registry gift, but instead an opportunity to express the arrival of a precious baby in a unique manner. They are perfect baby showers gifts. If you are giving a baby shower the diaper cakes are perfect for centerpieces and mom gets a practical gift she can use.

“Mommy to Be” Gifts are great gifts for your friends that are expecting their precious little one. Its a great way to congratulate mom and share in her joy.

Lets not forget daddy. “Daddy to Be” Gifts are practical gifts to show congratulate dads on this joyous event.

Our passion is not only lighting up mothers hearts, but spreading love to others by giving back to several charities focused on children. When my daughter was born her newborn screening indicated a gene mutation of CF (Cystic Fibrosis). It was a very scary time for me, but thank God my daughter is only a carrier and does not have the disease. We feel a special compassion for this organization, and we hope that by giving back will help others in fighting this disease.


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